What a fun sensory experience a jell-o dig can be! …and a MESSY ONE.

I’ve been trying to give Baby C as many sensory experiences as possible lately that are fun, safe and engaging for her. This jell-o one hit them all!

I made 2 packets of cherry Jell-o and placed some of her plastic toys as well as some items I found in the kitchen. What is it with babies and tupperware that they love so much?

Next just let the jell-o sit in the fridge for about 4 hours until it sets up or overnight. I took it out about 30 minutes before play time so it wasn’t so cold.

Before you play, make sure you cover the entire area you will play in with either a plastic table cloth, tarp, or towel you don’t mind getting dirty. Cause it’s gonna get messy… but it’s a fun mess right?

I also suggest that you get clean up ready before you start as well. I took Baby C right to the CLEAN sink and washed the jell-o off her after. I also had a fresh towel ready to go to dry her off in.

So get that baby down to their diaper, place the jell-o in the center of the covered area and let baby start exploring! Baby C went right in and had a ball. It took her about 5 minutes to actually taste the jell-o but once she did, she really enjoyed it.

I of course didn’t let her eat too much jell-o, nor did she eat too much anyway. But she liked to lick her fingers and suck on some of the toys. It was pretty cute.

This jell-o dig kept her entertained for about 30 minutes and she was on her tummy most of the time. If you child is struggling with tummy time, give this a try as I’m sure it will keep them engaged while also working on their strength.

Let me know if you give it a try and tag @thecrowecurriculum on instagram so I can see your little ones!



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