I can’t believe my little girl is almost 4 months old! Time sure does fly. A few of you have asked me for my suggestions on my newborn must-have items. Below I’ll list some of my total must-haves that have been a lifesaver! We use these items every day! I hope it helps!

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

I LOVE THIS STROLLER! I have had my eye on this for a while and new it would be more of a luxury purchase for the baby but I am so glad we got it. It is easy to use, lightweight, has ample storage and it a smooth ride for baby. We used the bassinet part for the longest time in the beginning and now Baby C has moved into the rumble seat and loves it. We also have the Uppa Baby Mesa Carseat. I love how the two work so well together. No extra adapters or pieces I need to worry about. High quality and so worth the money. Wait for an Uppa Baby Sale! We got ours for 20% off so I felt a lot better about that 🙂

Boba Wrap

I love this wrap. Any baby wrap will do, but I liked the stretchiness of this one as well as the weight of the wrap. It isn’t super light, but a little heavier which I liked. It kept Baby C nice in warm and made me feel extra secure with her wrapped around me. Very easy to use and a total game changer for getting to be hands free and doing more around the house with baby at your side.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

LIFESAVER. We couldn’t live without this swaddle and to think I didn’t have it from the beginning makes me cringe knowing how many more hours of sleep I could have gotten. We had a few different swaddles to test, but none compared to this one we got about 3 weeks in to Baby C’s birth. I loved how easy it was to put on, she had plenty of room to wiggle her feet and she was swaddled up and cozy which helped her to SLEEP! So great and was a game changer for us. We bought an extra one to have in case of blowouts, (which yes that happened a few times) and highly recommend it!

Simple Wishes Pumping Bra

I can write a whole post on my breastfeeding journey so far…its nuts. But basically I have been exclusively pumping from the beginning. I had a really hard time with getting my girl to latch. It was touch and go and we just couldn’t get consistent. So because I pumped 7-8 times a day, a hands-free pumping bra was a necessity. Being able to move freely throughout the house with my Spectra S2 pump (another total favorite) was wonderful and I still use my pumping bra every day.

Nanit Baby Monitor

We went with this monitor after a few family and friend recommendations and I’m so glad we did! I love that I can see my baby anywhere from the app on my phone and I can add on relatives. So my mom who has been staying with us since the birth can also be on the app, as well as my husband, etc. It has day and night vision, a night light, microphone to talk to baby, white noise and music options as well as its picture is great quality and clarity. The app also helps you track your babies sleep, so you can see when she wakes up at night, how long she stays up for, how long she sleeps, etc. It gives you tips to try to get her to sleep better which is also really nice. You can buy the breathing band separately to track your babies breathing. We used it for the first 3-4 weeks when I was the most paranoid as a new mom, but they I felt fine with leaving it off of her. Love this monitor and its another must-have!

Oxo Tot Space Saving Drying Rack

If you are bottle feeding then you know when I say…there are SO many bottles! I feel like I am constantly at the sink washing bottles and pump parts. It was important for me to have a space saving drying rack in our small kitchen. I didn’t want it taking up too much room and we love this one. It holds a lot of bottles as well as parts and takes up hardly any space on the counter. A great must have!

Tiny Love Play Gym

When looking at play gyms I searched high a low for a good quality, developmentally appropriate and budget friendly option. I had my eye on the Lovevery Play Gym for months, but it was $140 and unfortunately wasn’t bought off my registry. As a teacher, I knew I needed a play gym with an developmental aspect to it and this Tiny Love Play Mat was perfect! It’s a great price, nice quality and has all the wonderful black and white contrast items as well as sensory development hanging items I love. We don’t put them all on at once, as to not overstimulate Baby C, but they are easy to change up when needed and she loves looking at the contrasting colors.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

I saved the best for last! We LOVE our hatch baby sound machine! My husband and I already sleep with a fan on (gotta love that white noise) so it was no question we wanted a sound machine for Baby C’s room. Our good friend got this for us and we love it. It’s wonderful because I can control it from my phone through the Hatch Baby App. I can be rocking the baby and I don’t need to get up to turn it on, or switch the light down lower. It has a many sound options as well as different colored lights. We throughly enjoy this…the river sound is our favorite. A true must have which we totally feel helps our baby sleep longer!

That was long…

I could go on and on with this list but I’ll stop here as in the first 3 months, these are the main items we used daily and truly love. If you’re expecting a baby soon, congratulations and good luck! I hope this list helped you to plan for what you may need.



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